Here’s That Pirates Fan Sleeping On Opening Day [VIDEO]

We’ve been laughing at this guy since we first heard that there was a Pirates fan – with great seats – sleeping during yesterday’s opener. You’ve waited all winter for April 5 for the start of the baseball season in Pittsburgh. This is gonna be the year. Erase the past. Yeah, then your team goes out and gets two hits off Doc Halladay.

Not a good look on Opening Day, especially since this one is going to go ‘viral’ as the kids say.

Posted: April 5, 2012

Premise of Video: Can’t pinpoint what inning this is and it doesn’t really matter. What’s concerning is that this bro is passing out from boredom and is in clear range of a foul ball off the bat of a left handed slugger. Too bad Ryan Howard wasn’t in the lineup.

Climax of Video: :19 mark…about to go out…head is going backwards…

Conclusion: Does Pittsburgh lose 95 or 100 this year?

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