Rick’s Strippers Tebowing In Those Illegal Reebok Tebow Jerseys! [PHOTOS]

Everyone can relax, Nike lawyers aren’t stopping in at Rick’s NYC to confiscate this Tim Tebow #15 Reebok jersey. You might remember how Nike filed a cease and desist (or whatever you want to call it) against Reebok. A judge yesterday ruled the ban will remain. Anyway, our good friend Lonnie Hanover hit another PR home run by locating one of the Reebok jerseys and getting the ladies of Rick’s on a couch for a shoot. Tebow’s gonna love this. 

Who knew a backup QB could ever cause such a jersey ruckus.

Julian Friedman, a lawyer for Reebok, told Castel that Reebok is permitted to sell leftover apparel for two months after the NFL licensing agreement expired and should be allowed to sell the Tebow Jets merchandise until the end of May. He also said Reebok was allowed to stamp jerseys and T-shirts with the names and numbers of up to five players who switched teams after its contract with NFL Players expired.

Nike’s effort to build its brand wasn’t damaged because only about 680 of the Reebok Tebow jerseys and none of the T-shirts carried the Reebok name, Friedman said. The sale of the Reebok merchandise would allow the public to buy Tebow-Jets apparel before Nike’s jerseys arrive on store shelves in late April.

The judge said that wasn’t an issue.

“It is a minor hardship to Jets and Tim Tebow fans to have to wait till April 27 to get their jerseys,” the judge said.

Listen, can we all just calm down here and hit Rick’s for a steak, some Opening Day Mets action and Tiger Woods dropping birdies at The Masters? Do you guys really care whether your stripper is wearing a Nike or Reebok Tebow Jets jersey? Let’s all get down to business and realize the best Tebow jersey is one being ripped off in the Rick’s VIP sections.

[Rick’s – NYC]