LeBron James Now Hiding Hairline Under Two Headbands [ANALYSIS]

Much has been made of Miami Heat star LeBron James’ receding hairline. The dude is only 27 and his hair is disappearing above his temples.

Apparently, he’s a little sensitive about it and has a new solution for hiding the problem. Instead of wearing one headband, James has chosen to sew two headbands together to cover the balding spots.¬†Actually, we doubt he sews, so someone else probably put this new headband together for him.

It does the trick, but you can’t wear a headband off the basketball court, can you? James obviously has enough money. Why he doesn’t go get some implants or something is beyond us. Hair Club For Men, bro!

He could also go the Michael Jordan route and shave his dome.

We think it’s about time he investigated one of these options.