Gregg Williams: “Decide How Many Times We Can Beat Frank Gore’s Head” [AUDIO]

Audio of Gregg Williams’ defensive meeting before the Saints faced the 49ers in January has surfaced and paints a picture of what was important to Gregg on the football field. ACLs, the human head, injuries. To the opponent. That’s what’s in his head and what he was promoting according to audio that was uploaded to Twitter yesterday via the guys at

It’s shocking, disgusting and should end Williams’ career as a professional football coach.

By now we’re all aware of the Gregg Williams Bounty program that he seemed to use in each of his stops to invigorate his players. Let’s not forget vested NFL players enjoy paid health care for only five years after retirement. That’s it.

You listen to this, figure in the bounty program, and let us know what you think of Gregg Williams the football coach.