Clevelander Bar At Marlins Park Includes Body Painted Go-Go Dancers [PHOTOS]

Maybe one of your Miami bros was texting you last night about his “AMAZING NIGHT” at the Marlins game and telling you all about the new ballpark. How his 100 level seats were “SO F-ING AMAZING” and that there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Guess what that bro was missing out on? Body painted go-go dancers at The Clevelander, the center field trendy club that’ll cost you $75 a ticket to enter.

Look, we hate what Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria stands for and how this stadium was pretty much a public works program. However, now that it’s built we must congratulate Loria’s minions for being smart enough to put a hip club into this park. Finally, a place to hit on chicks, get drunk, go swimming, scream at Shane Victorino and drink WAY overpriced domestics.

Would you pay $75 to go to a club in Miami? No, but with this place you get to watch like 3-4 innings and hang out with a bunch of dudes. Have you ever paid $75 to watch body painted go-go dancers and a baseball game? Great deal, eh?

But, as any good Miami club knows, men need women to ogle so don’t be surprised if The Clevelander has ladies in the pool who are shipped in from South Beach.

[Clevelander At Marlins Park]