Blonde Jessica Dorrell Was On Bobby Petrino’s Motorcycle During Wreck [PHOTOS]

The Bobby Petrino motorcycle wreck story took a turn this afternoon when it was learned, via the police report, that the Arkansas head coach had Jessica Dorrell, a young lady who just got a job working with the football program, riding along. The original reports from Arkansas were that Bobby was alone. Dorrell, 25, is a 2008 Arkansas graduate and played on the volleyball team. Of course we’re not inferring anything with this news. Just saying Bobby might want to explain.

She was just hired last week by Petrino.

According to the Arkansas Times:

Last month, she went to work directly for Petrino when she was named the student-athlete coordinator for the football team. She’s also earned an MBA. It apparently was she who flagged down a motorist to get assistance for the injured Petrino. She was not hurt in the wreck and said she didn’t know what had caused it. The report quotes Petrino as saying because of sun and wind he was unable to maneuver the bike and drove off the road. He said he tried to lay the bike down and “the next thing I know I was lying in a wood pile.”

Yes, Bobby is married. Just saying. Dorrell is engaged.

The school first released a statement stating emphatically that “Coach Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident on Sunday evening that involved no other individuals.” No big deal, right? The school had its messages mixed up. Not covering up anything, right?

How about what Bobby told media on Tuesday.

From the

How did you get from the site of the accident to the hospital?

Well when I came out of the ditch there was a lady there that had flagged down a car. The guy that was in the passenger’s seat said, ‘get in, we’ll just take you right to the hospital instead of waiting,’ and so I got in the car and they headed towards Fayetteville. In the meantime on my cell phone I had a call from Lance King, so we set up a place to meet, and then he brought me to the hospital. The first call I made was to Doctor Arnold, to tell him I needed to get to the emergency room. He was actually in Fort Smith, but made all the arrangements for my arrival.

Yes, the lady was Dorrell.

So what was Bobby up to on Sunday?

I spent the day at the lake with my wife working. She works me hard when I’m up there.

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