You Want To Know Why Jeffrey Loria Is A Giant Asshole? Here’s Why

The legend of Jeffrey Loria being a Grade A asshole are legendary and go back to his days of holding the city of Montreal hostage over a baseball stadium deal. His charade eventually found its way to South Florida and the Marlins franchise. He eventually got his wish for Miami taxpayers to foot most of the bill to build Marlins Ballpark, which just happened to open tonight. What does he do on Opening Night? Has Muhammed Ali throw out the first pitch.

Don Shula opened a Twitter account this week and tweeted out the above photo:

Three championship rings! Me, Lurie, and Ali at the @Marlins home opener

Of course Shula is 99.3% likely to have an assistant tweeting from that account. That’s not the point. Ignore the spelling error. There’s Loria, all smiles, as he shows off that World Series ring which resulted in the total dismantling of a team.

That’s why we’re calling this photo 2 Legends and & Asshole.

How exactly does Ali figure into the opening of a baseball park? Sure, the guy is a legend. Was Gary Sheffield too busy? Robb Nen have prior commitments?

Never forget what Marlins president David Samson said about Miami.

“We don’t care if nobody comes,” Mr. Samson recalled with a smile. “We’ll play in front of nobody, and we’ll have all the money.”

Check back in July – on a Wednesday – and see how many fans are watching a Marlins game. Somebody is going to get hosed on this stadium deal & it isn’t going to be Jeffrey Loria.

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