Is Kodee Mann The Florida Gators Secret Recruiting Weapon? [PHOTOS]

We all know that college football recruiting is a shady business. Slimy. Money under the table. Money left in church bathroom closets. Handshake Hundies. And then there are the girlfriends. Is it possible for a girlfriend to sway where a high school recruit chooses to play his college football? Sure it is. That’s what brings us to a Florida recruit – Ryne Rankin – and his girlfriend Kodee Marie Mann. There’s a good chance you’ll be hearing more from both of them. 

Before we go any further, the only Photoshop associated with this post is the above pic and the process did not affect the size of Mann’s rack. Those puppies are legit.

Now, let’s focus on Rankin. This bro is 6-1, 222 lbs. and is headed towards his senior year of football in Orlando (experts say he’s a 4-star). Nearly every college program is knocking on his door. There have been unofficial visits to Ole Miss, Florida State, Georgia, Penn State and Florida. Official scholarship offers on record are: Texas A&M, Purdue, Ole Miss, Duke, Arizona, Pitt.

That’s where Mann comes in. She’s an unabashed Florida Gator. Says so on her Twitter account. Message boards say she used to date Gators QB Jeff Driskel. She even attends Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Rankin’s Twitter account and he seems to be very impressed by Penn State and the whole Linebacker U. thing. His family has ties to Washington, PA. Farms. Etc.

Look, as men, we know that there are factors that make our minds crazy. Chicks are #1 on that list. Sure, football might mean the world to Rankin, but he’s not taking Mann to a beach in State College and showing off his trophy WAG to other bros. Are these two a package deal? No evidence of such a scenario. Why can’t girlfriends be given scholarships? Don’t they add value to a school’s bottom line? Internet reputation points?

We’re of the opinion that Rankin can’t say ‘yes’ fast enough when Florida brings that scholarship. Can’t really blame the guy.

[Rankin Enjoys Florida Junior Day]  [@kodeemann]

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