House Hunters MLB: 13 Best Baseball Player Houses Money Can Buy

Who’s in the mood to drop between $595,000 & $19,800,000 on a house these days? Are you a baseball junkie who wants to live in a house where your hero has slept? If you’re in the market for a new pad and have the money, we suggest these 12 homes that need a buyer. Help these cash strapped former & current millionaires get out from under houses such as Adrian Beltre & his 15 bath mansion. Here is the ultimate piece of memorabilia.

The combined asking price of the 13 houses you’re seeing today is $70,285,000. Don’t forget you’ll be paying high property taxes and excessive landscaping fees. Oh, and maid fees aren’t cheap on houses with 15 bathrooms.

Adjust your offers accordingly.

Owner: Adrian Beltre  Asking: $19,800,000 Highlights: 15 bathrooms

Owner: John Smoltz  Asking: $7,200,000 Highlights: Movie theater!

Owner: Mark Teixeira  Asking: $3,990,000 Highlights: The gameroom

Owner: Matt Cain  Asking: $1,800,000 Highlights: Thermador range

Owner: Jaime Moyer  Asking: $6,750,000 Highlights: Master’s Pizza Oven

Owner: Jonathan Papelbon  Asking: $3,100,000 Highlights: Location!

Owner: Jay Buhner  Asking: $6,750,000 Highlights: 80 acres of woods!

Owner: Jason Isringhausen  Asking: $5,000,000 Highlights: 12 acres of land

Owner: Walt Weiss  Asking: $4,000,000 Highlights: A baseball field

Owner: Carlos Beltran  Asking: $5,800,000 Highlights: Karaoke bar

Owner: Eric Davis  Asking: $2,000,000 Highlights: 2 wet bars!

Owner: Nomar Garciaparra  Asking: $595,000 Highlights: Nomar’s basketball hoop

Owner: Derek Lowe  Asking: $3,500,000 Highlights: Location! Location! Location!

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