Here’s Paulo Jorge Losing Two Teeth During Real Madrid Vs APOEL [VIDEO]

You know, usually we’re of the mind that soccer players are pussies who claim to run for like 80 minutes but really stand around for like 15 of those minutes just watching some tool kick the ball back and forth with another tool. Then we watched APOEL’s Paulo Jorge take a teammates melon to the mouth.

The result: teeth just flying around the pitch. Jorge’s team got drilled, too.

Posted: Couple hours ago

Premise of Video: In this case, these soccer toolbags aren’t giant pussies. If watching soccer guys pull loose teeth out of their mouth and throw them on the pitch makes you queasy, don’t watch this.

Climax of Video: Yep, Paulo just stuck his fingers in there and yanked out a tooth or two.

Conclusion: Real Madrid drilled APOEL, 5-2, and now faces Bayern Munich in a Champions League semifinal.

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