Fat Radio Producer Sets Texas Rangers 2-Foot Hot Dog Eating Record At 19 Minutes

Buried deep in a report from the Dallas Observer on the new food offerings at Texas Rangers games this year was a tidbit about the $26 ‘Champion’ Dog that has taken the ballpark hot dog to the next level. You might remember this beast as the 2-foot meat missile that also includes runny cheese, onions jalapenos and some chili sauce. The big question from us was whether there would be any morons who’d eat the meat.

Answer: YES! 

It seems a couple of wiener admirers from the Dallas media took the 2-foot challenge.

Reporter Brandon Formby went up against local radio producer D.J. Pridemore in the stunt. The results weren’t pretty.

People, the dog is legitimately good. The beef, the chili, the cheese, the onions, the jalapenos. Even the bun. We’re talking about quality contents. For almost 20 minutes, reporters asked us questions as we ate and drank water and wiped our hands and chewed and paused and breathed and ate some more.

Each time I brought as much of the dog as I could lift up to my mouth, a photographer was thisclose capturing what I imagine was cheese, chili and onions cascading down my face. If you’re on my Christmas card list, expect to see the actual picture come December.

At 19 minutes, D.J. had finished all 24 inches of his dog and piled the last glob of chili, cheese and stray jalapeno in his mouth. I took one more bite and my stomach told me that if I stopped at that point I could leave with my dignity.

So there it is, the bar has been set by a fat radio guy who looks like he’s had experience slamming food – in a hurry. No offense, Pridemore. That 19 minute record and the pain the morning after is all yours.

Think you can beat the 19 minute mark? We want to see video proof from a Rangers game.

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[Dallas Morning News]

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