Aussie Football Bro Gets Dropped With Left Hook, Gets Up, Kicks Goal! [VIDEO]

So the way we understand it, Aussie footballer Hayden Ballantyne is an agitator. The little guy running around picking beefs with the big dudes. The little dude always causing trouble because he’s little and that’s what little Aussie footballers do to gain an advantage. Ballantyne was up to his old tricks over the weekend when he went nose to nose with Matthew Scarlett.

Australia is still buzzing over Ballantyne getting dropped with a left hook from Scarlett late in Saturday’s Fremantle-Geelong match.

Posted: March 31, 2012

Premise of Video: Look, we’re not Aussie football experts so save your bullsh*t comments. Let’s cut to the chase on this scenario. Happens all the time in major sports leagues. Little guy goads the big guy into taking a penalty. Happens in hockey and football all the time. And most of you want to kill the little guy. Well, that’s what Scarlett tries to do with this left hook.

Climax of Video: Yep, looks like that one landed clean.

Conclusion: Ballantyne gets up, scores a goal and his team wins. Scarlett was suspended for three weeks. Ballantyne had this to say: “I cross the line to win footy and whatever I have to do to win footy games I’m going to do.” Bandwagon…we’re on it.

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