Tony Romo Moves From Indoor To Outdoor Soccer Season [PHOTOS]


You might remember a couple weeks ago when BC told you that Tony Romo had been playing in a Monday night men’s indoor soccer league. Word on the streets is that Romo moved to outdoor soccer competition over the weekend with a match at Premier Park, which hosts games for the North Texas Premier Soccer Association. That’s right, he’s playing in competitive, legit matches.

So how’d the Cowboys QB perform? According to our informant, the franchise had two assists.

Meanwhile, Eli Manning is getting chubby and slamming Cuban paninis like they’re going out of style while on vacation in Miami.

See, this is Romo’s problem. He’s so concerned with being Super Jock, trying to impress us by going from the football season to golfing with Tiger to playing in soccer leagues. Maybe try vacationing in Cabo and eating a few paninis. At least get a little chubby. Those seem to be the guys winning rings.


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