Pete Spratt With MMA Fist KO Of The Year At Amazon Forest Battle [VIDEO]


Former UFCer Pete Spratt was down in Brazil this weekend fighting on the Amazon Forest Battle 2 card against Daniel Acacio. Ho hum, just another MMA fight, another weekend. Spratt is 25-21 in his mixed martial arts career. That’s why he’s fighting in Brazil instead of sipping cocktails and slapping ring girl asses in Vegas. Anyway, Spratt, nicknamed the Secret Weapon, has lit up the MMA world with his KO of Acacio.

Want to see a sick spinning fist?

Posted: April 2, 2011

Premise of Video: Relax, the video is a mess at the beginning but you’ll get like 15 replays of Spratt dropping this brah like a sack of potatoes in the 3rd round. Our new hero has now won 3 of his last 4. On a roll and has a viral video to boot.

Climax of Video: Wait for it…wait for it…BOOM!

Conclusion: Acacio had won 5 of 6 and had to figure it would be no big deal to beat the 41-year-old Spratt. Lesson here: respect your elders and watch for the spinning fist to the side of your head. Drop your guard and next thing you know your ass is waking up via smelling salts. Don’t be Acacio.

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