Lions DT Nick Fairley Arrested For Weed; Lions Might Have Weed Problem

They’re obviously stoned all to the time up there in Detroit. Hell, I would probably be stoned all the time if I lived in Detroit, too. Fortunately, I don’t and of clear mind.

The Detroit Lions are another story, though. Following yesterday’s news that running back Mikel Leshoure, the Lions 2011 second-round draft pick, was arrested for marijuana possession twice since February and tried to eat his weed on the second occasion comes more good news for the Leos.

One of last year’s first-round draft picks, defensive tackle Nick Fairley was… you guessed it, arrested for marijuana possession today. He got pulled over for having a suspended license.

What’s funny is, the Lions got next to nothing out of their two highly-touted youngsters last season. Leshoure missed the entire season after tearing an ACL in the preseason. Fairly and his fat ass, played in only 10 games due to injury. He started a grand total of zero, producing 15 tackles and one sack.

Now, both guys will probably be suspended by the NFL for the start of the 2012 season.

It makes me wonder who’s smoking the ganj in Detroit’s front office. You’d think they’d have done a little research before spending two high draft picks on a couple of pot heads.

Oh, that’s right. They live in Detroit.
[Report: Lions’ Nick Fairley busted for marijuana]