Watch This Mexico Fan KO Two Honduras Fans At Olympic Qualifer In K.C. [VIDEO]

Of course you didn’t realize there was a Mexico vs. Canada Olympic qualifier this weekend at Livestrong Sporting Park in K.C. The useless news: Mexico won the match, 3-1. The more interesting tidbit from this game: some Mexico fan one-punch KO’d a couple of Honduras bros in the best one-sided fan fight of the weekend. Wait, what were Honduras fans doing at a Canada-Mexico match?

It was a doubleheader. Honduras faced El Salvador.


Posted: March 31, 2012

Premise of Video: Notice the one guy has a Honduras flag flopped over his shoulders. We assume the two sides were arguing over which team would be heading to the Olympic Games and Mexican bro decided he’d heard enough. How about the little kid watching daddy knocking the sh*t out of a couple of Honduras losers. Father-son moment of 2012!

Climax of Video: What are the chances this stud could KO two dudes with each hand. ONE PUNCH EACH!

Conclusion: The CONCACAF final is tonight in K.C. If you’re in the area with nothing going on we suggest stopping at Livestrong and just watching fan fights. Should be a good one.

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