Singer Jessie James Engaged To Broncos WR Eric Decker! [PHOTOS]

Sorry jersey chasers, dreamy Broncos WR Eric Decker will soon be off the market thanks to his weekend Vegas engagement to country singer Jessie James. Is Vegas the most unromantic engagement locale in engagement history? It’s debatable. What’s not debatable is the insanity of the couple’s engagement photo with James in a bikini. It’s so insane, look at that bro in the background just dumbstruck over the insanity. INSANE. 

Here’s the tweet from James – 12:13 a.m. on Sunday morning – that announced the big news.

Oh fiancéeeee @EricDecker87

Followed by Decker at 12:38 a.m.

So fannnccaa! Happy you said yes darlin 😉 RT @TheJessicaJames: Oh fiancéeeee @EricDecker87

Yep, we give these two like 2.5 years before it falls apart and ends in a messy divorce. Look, when you just got engaged and feel the need to RT each other at a bar on the night of the engagement, there will be problems.

One thing leads to another and James’ career is slowing down. Next thing you know divorce papers are flying, a new album is being written and a tour of state fairs is announced. You’ve been warned, Decker.

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