Florida Gators & Tim Tebow Fan’s Dream 1968 Mustang ONLY $11K [PHOTOS]

Look, what’s fair value for a 1968 Ford Mustang painted Florida Gators orange and sporting a couple of UF stickers? Not $11,000. But that’s what KennyJ561 wants for his Gators dream ride. From the look of the date stamps on these photos, Kenny isn’t trying very hard to part with his ride that he claims is a “Tim Tebow & Gator Fan’s Dream Car.”

Step up, superfans. Money talks.

The specs:

  • completely customized from the inside out
  • 5 coats of pearl orange paint
  • has been lowered 6 inches
  • custom chrome rims
  • leather (blue & orange) interior with gator embroidery on each seat
  • automatic
  • 302 crate engine
  • 1,500 miles
  • horn plays gator fight song
  • hood has gator mascot with Tebow’s #15
  • power steering
  • price is set to $11,000 but may be negotiable

That price is ridiculous. If Kenny really wants to sell this ride he needs to get this painted on the hood and have the horn play this. Those two modifications and we’re dropping $10,500 tomorrow morning.

[Buy The Tebow 1968 Mustang – eBay]

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