Detroit Lions RB Mikel Leshoure Tries To Eat Weed During Stop, Arrested

The Detroit Lions have found their new Charles Rogers. The former first-round draft pick was long on potential, stupidity and arrests and short on production.

The guy getting ready to take Rogers place in Lions’ lore is running back Mikel Leshoure. Last year’s second-round pick has racked up two marijuana charges since February. Today, he didn’t show up for court and a warrant was promptly issued for his arrest.

It gets better.

The latest incident, which occurred on March 12, found Leshoure trying to eat the weed he had with him.

Tooling around in a rented SUV with a friend, Leshoure tried at one point to eat the evidence, police said. Both he and the 22-year-old driver had suspended driver’s licenses.

“Reporting officer, while speaking with the passenger (Leshoure) observed that he was chewing marijuana,” the report says. “(The officer) also observed small pieces of marijuana down the front of his shirt.”

Leshoure, who tore an ACL in the preseason last year, was expected to be full strength in time for training camp. While he may be, he’s surely facing a suspension from the NFL.

Typically, a player gets four games for running afoul of the law. However, since Leshoure has done so twice and failed to appear in court, we’d be surprised if he didn’t get more. That means it will be well over a year since drafting Leshoure that he’ll ever play a down for the Lions.

Nice pick, Detroit.

[Update: Bench Warrant To Be Issued For RB]

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