The Sickest Hoodrat RGIII Shirt Being Sold In A Maryland Mall [PHOTO]

You know what hoodrat homeboys are going to be killing each other over this summer in D.C.? Hell yes, RGIII gear. As a matter of fact, we’ve set a Google News alert for ‘Robert Griffin Police.’ Not that RGIII is going to be in trouble with the law. Dude is like a friggin’ saint. From a merchandising play, this guy is going to be a stud. Looks good on an airbrushed shirt. Has his head on straight. Can run like Vick.

According to some guy on Twitter, these shirts are already being sold at The Sports Page inside the Arundel Mills Mall.

This one doesn’t catch your interest, or you’re white and don’t want to get your ass beat over a t-shirt? May we recommend the one you see below that’s being sold on eBay – $20? Get it now before Dan Snyder’s logo goons shut down the auction.