Maradona P*ssed Off At Cowards Attacking WAGs Last Night In UAE [VIDEO]

Who you got in this fight? Crazy Muslims starting sh*t with Diego Maradona’s WAG? Or Diego Maradona and his batsh*t crazy mustache going into the crowd last night at a stadium in the United Arab Emirates? You see, Diego has seen his share of soccer fan fights over the years. Just think of those wars in the Italian Serie A league. And who knows when homeboy is jacked up on coke.

Wrong move, UAE WAG hecklers. Diego is coming for your asses.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: (via BBC) The trouble started during his club Al Wasl’s 2-0 UAE Pro League defeat at Al Shabab, whose fans allegedly started abusing players’ wives and girlfriends. Maradona is understood to have climbed up into the stands to protect his wife. “Some people are cowards,” Maradona told Gulf News.  “They only attack women and have no courage to confront men.” He added: “This is the first time I am upset with the fans. If they are angry with me they should know that I [climbed the stands] for my wife because someone was calling her names.

Climax of Video: Not much other than one of the world’s most famous soccer players jumping into the crowd to defend WAGs from Muslim turds.

Conclusion: Wait, did he just call these Muslim turds “cowards?” Of f*cking course we’d be so game for a war between Diego’s cocaine dealers and these Muslim pussies. Just cutting off fingers, ears. Crazy sh*t that soccer fans do.

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