Chinese Bro With A Stephon Marbury Face Tattoo & 32 Other Crazy Superfan Tats

The phenomenon of getting your favorite player’s face tattooed on your body is nothing new if you read this blog regularly. That fact that we make fun of them is nothing new either.

The tattoos are both hideous and stupid. Buy a t-shirt or a hat like everyone else. Oh, that’s right, you’re an individual, that’s why you got a tattoo. Gotta show the world what a unique snowflake you are.

The latest sports tattoo we’ve unearthed may just take the cake. It’s Stephon Marbury’s head on the leg of a Chinese dude.


Yeah, after suffering what we all assume was a series of mental breakdowns, Marbury decided to go play in China. He’s currently leading the¬†Beijing Ducks, who just won their first CBA title. He’s widely considered the best player in China and, surprisingly, isn’t doing anything stupid.

That being said, this particular individual is not following suit. Hence the Marbury face tattoo on his leg. It’s accompanied by the words “Love Is Love.” Why? Because it’s something stupid Marbury utters constantly on Weibo, a sort of Twitter for the Chinese.

He also put his email address up there. Send him a message:¬†[email protected]

Love is love, ya’ll!

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