Cheerleaders Of The Final Four: O-H-I-O Dancer Is Conservative Caitlin [PHOTOS]

Our preview of the Cheerleaders of the Final Four rolls on with the Ohio State Buckeyes. I learned a little something I didn’t know about tOSU during my extensive research for this post…Columbus, OH is full of gorgeous coeds!! I mean, the damn place seems to be overflowing with hotties. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for a solid 2 hours. The only problem, though, is the fact that apparently none of the hottest of the hot cheer or dance for their beloved Buckeyes. Guess they’re too busy being hot to take the time to actually do a structured cheer or dance routine.

However, I did run across Caitlin and it just happens that she’s cute. Not in a I’m going to leave my wife right now and move to Ohio kind of way, but she definitely wouldn’t get the boot for eating crackers in bed. Maybe it’s the freckles. I seem to be a sucker for freckles these days, but it could also be the insane flexibility. That’s always a crowd pleaser.

Get To Know Your Final Four Cheerleaders: Caitlin

• One of her best friends was a L.A. Laker Girl (be on the look-out for those pictures coming soon)

• Seems a little bit clumsy

• “Likes” every stupid random quip on Facebook

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