Yes, That Virgin America San Francisco Giants Plane Has Brian Wilson Beard


The San Francisco Giants have their own Virgin America plane, which makes sense, since Virgin is the only airline based out of SFO.

Unlike other team planes, which sport a logo, the Giants has a little extra touch. In addition to the logo, the team’s plane has a little extra touch, a beard right below the nose of the plane. Virgin says it’s to honor the “facial-hair friendly” hometown team.

Can you really think of anyone other than closer Brian Wilson, though? Now that guy has a beard!

Anyway, the plane is anĀ Airbus A320 aircraft named “Fly Bye Baby.” Here’s the unexpected part. It’s a commercial jet, not a team charter, so if you fly Virgin out of SFO, you might end up on it.

It goes into service April 2.

We’d suggest perhaps the 49ers should have a plane too, but Virgin isn’t sponsoring the club level at Candlestick like they are at AT&T Park. That’s probably because Candlestick is a dump.

[Giants Twitter]

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