Rick Pitino’s Side Piece Karen Sypher Releases This Book With Old Bikini Pics!


Remember Karen Sypher, the crazy broad who legitimately had sex with Rick Pitino in some Louisville restaurant and was eventually convicted of extortion charges? Yes, that crazy broad. The case hinged on Sypher “trying to force Pitino to give her money and other items in exchange for her silence on her allegations that he raped her twice in 2003, including once at a Louisville restaurant.”

Guess who released a wild book just a few weeks ago? Yep, Sypher. Currently serving a seven-year federal sentence on the extortion chargers, Karen seems to have extra time on her hands so why not publish a weird book where she still claims that Rick Pitino raped her. The book, titled ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ the Karen Sypher story, can be yours in paperback for only $14.99.

Seriously. On Amazon.

The book is 226 pages long, includes chapters titled Facing Pitino, Raped & Railroaded & Prison Life. It’s unclear why the tell-all was released March 2. Was it a March Madness ploy? Probably. Does Sypher have the ability to do press from federal jail? Not unless she gets on a phone.

The Kindle sample includes chapter 4.

Karen was upset. She was also confused, but she felt the need to tell Pitino about her situation. She found the card he had so casually left on her car seat after the rape. She dialed Pitino and told him she was pregnant. Karen had never been raped before and had never been in that situation. She was feeling guilty that she didn’t have the power to push him off her that night…or scream.

When Rick Pitino received the news that Karen was pregnant, she remembers him having a very low tone of voice and replying, “I’ll call you back. I have my son here.”

About 30 minutes later, Pitino called and said to Karen, “Take another test.”

As if the UK-UL fight at the dialysis center wasn’t bad enough, now a biography of a convicted felon who tried to extort money from the Louisville coach. How can you not love this state? It’s like one giant pageview generator.

[“Guilty Until Proven Innocent” – Amazon]

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