Mike Scioscia After Back-To-Back-To-Back HR Beaning: “Are You Shitt*n’ Me?” [VIDEO]


Later this summer when the Royals and Angels engage in a bench-clearing brawl you can refer to this video as to why there were fisticuffs. The ball is flying in Tempe today. The Royals ripped three dongs before the Angels batted in the 2nd. That’s when the Halos got on the board with back-to-back-to-back shots to make it a 7-3 game. Again, a Spring Training game.

The very next pitch from Royals pitcher Everett Teaford was into the back of Peter Bourjos.

Posted: We just posted it. Happened like 40 minutes ago.

Premise of Video: The ball flies in Arizona. Home runs are going to happen. The goal in these games by late March is to get it over with and head to the bar. Guess Teaford didn’t get the memo. Bro, why are you trying to start a brawl in a worthless game?

Climax of Video: Just watch Mike Scioscia making mental notes. “Ok, who’s the best player on the Royals roster?” This sh*t will come back to haunt K.C. when Eric Hosmer takes a ball to the head.

Conclusion: Ironically the two teams play in the Angels home opener next Friday. Mark your calendars.

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