Don Mattingly Calls Ozzie Guillen “This Little Sh*t” On Dan Patrick Show [VIDEO]

Talk radio goes days and days without something that piques our interest. Blah, blah, blah. And then Don Mattingly comes on the Dan Patrick Show and drops a “this little sh*t” bomb when referencing Ozzie Guillen. You just figure Donny will talk some baseball, keep it clean and get off the phone. Nope. Commence the iPhone i-Team! VIDEO! NOW! HURRY! 

Later in the show Dan asked the Danettes if they hit the dump button for the radio side.

Posted: Just happened 20 minutes ago

Premise of Video: Dan wants to know if a coach has ever gotten under Donny Baseball’s skin. Not even Ozzie Guillen?

Climax of Video: Talking like a real human on morning TV talk radio just doesn’t happen that often.

Conclusion: Mattingly becomes a must-get guest for national talk shows, especially for Miami stations.

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