#KUBoobs Gettting So BIG Even TV Stations Covering Story [VIDEO]

Of course we know a trend that’s going to explode when we see one. Take sports, a major sporting event and boobs. Mix together and you have Twitter gold. This #KUBoobs Twitter phenomenon has gotten so out of control that TV and radio stations are clamoring to talk to the founder, Tiffany Kent. Her Twitter account – @MommyLovesWine – is now over 2,000 followers.

Meanwhile, the big news this morning is that @KUBoobs has been suspended by Twitter.

Posted: This morning

Premise of Video: KCTV-5 in Kansas City gets to the bottom of this #KUBoobs trend and Tiffany explains how things got started and what it all means. Meanwhile, we try to figure out if she was doing shots during the interview. Yes, notice the shot glasses. That reporter chick doing a shot, too?

Climax of Video: Boobs

Conclusion: KU Boobs all the way to the national championship game. And this coming from an Ohio State fan. Boobs > OSU this week.