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Cheerleaders Of The Final Four: Louisville Ladybird Sammi [PHOTOS]

So we started our tour of the Cheerleaders of the Final Four by introducing Kansas Jayhawks cheerleader Brooke. Today we return with the Louisville Ladybird’s entry into the Final Four Cheerleader Sweepstakes.

While perusing the plethora of Ladybirds, I came upon one particular picture of Sammi that just screamed Busted Coverage. I’m not going to tell you which picture I’m talking about, but I have a feeling it won’t take you long to put your finger on it. Though one finger certainly won’t be enough!

Get To Know Your Final Four Cheerleaders: Sammi

• Has a wide ranging musical taste from Lil’ Wayne to The Beatles

• Really digs rollercoasters

• Is fairly addicted to terrible reality television

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