86-Year-Old Broad Johanna Quaas ‘Crushing’ This Floor Routine [VIDEO]

Never heard of Johanna Quaas? Are you kidding me? Pure legend. Here she is at the recent Cottbus 2012 World Cup doing her thing in the floor routine. She’s 86. Nope, not kidding. Look, we know 3/4 of BC readers are fat turds sitting at an office desk just hoping make it to happy hour. You could learn something from Johanna this afternoon. Just watch this old broad bouncing around a floor.

Sure beats sh*tting your pants in some rest home.

Posted: March 26, 2012

Premise of Video: Pretty much covered the premise. These old people just keep impressing us. Hef is now 85 and still poon hunting with the best of ’em. Then this Johanna chick comes along and tumbles around at some German world cup. Unreal.

Climax of Video: Not sh*tting you, she pulls off a cartwheel.

Conclusion: You should be ashamed of being 50 pounds overweight and planning on going out for beers and chicken wings in like 30 minutes.