Things That Insult Packers Fan: Cowboys & Giants Opening 2012 Season


First of all, let’s get this out the way. I’m a homer. Despite the fact I no longer live in Wisconsin, I’ll bleed Green and Gold until the day I die. Second of all, the opening game of your 2012 NFL season will be the New York Giants versus the Dallas Cowboys.

Are you shitting in my mouth Roger?

The Dallas Cowpies? Let me just clue you in on this one real quick. Rog, the Cowpies are no longer America’s Team. Frankly, no one outside of the inbreeding state of Te-ha gives two craps about the Cowpies. That includes their cheerleaders.

Here’s the matchup you wanted: New York Giants versus Green Bay Packers.

1. It’s a matchup of the last two Super Bowl champs, just like last season when you opened with New Orleans at Green Bay.

2. It doesn’t give anyone an opportunity to eliminate any team from the playoffs in week one.

3. Uh… Eli Manning vs. Tony Romo… wake me when that’s over, okay?

4. Really, they’re both top-notch quarterbacks! Just like my butthole is above my belly button!

So, hey, be sure to watch The Rog’s showcase on Wednesday night whenever the hell the season officially begins. It will air at… hell, we have no idea. Couldn’t care less. Romo versus Eli… hahahaha.

Hey Rog, way to repay Jerry for screwing him on the salary cap! Good work!

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