Relax, USC DE Recruit Leonard Williams Holding A Phony AK-47 [PHOTO]

Of course USC isn’t going to be pleased when football officials hear about this photo of their prized defensive recruit Leonard Williams holding an AK-47. Considered one of the top defensive ends in the country, Williams made official visits to Florida, Florida Sate, USC, Auburn and Miami. Of course this was a big ‘get’ for the Lane Kiffin regime. Everyone can relax, it’s a fake gun. Maybe Leonard wants to be in action movies. 

Williams, still in high school in Daytona Beach, was a hard target for a USC team coming off a bowl ban. According to a February story in the Daytona Beach News-Journal:

The deciding factor, said Williams, was as old as football itself: X’s and O’s. USC is committed to playing a 4-3 defense, employing two full-time defensive ends.

The Gators, Williams’ favorite team since childhood and his likely choice right up until Tuesday morning, seem to be vacillating between the 3-4 and 4-3.

And don’t overlook this: It turns a kid’s head when a school is willing to use its resources to personally recruit him from so far away. And Southern Cal didn’t just go through the motions — two living-room visits were made by Ed Orgeron, USC’s defensive coordinator and a legendary recruiter.

“Coach Orgeron came in,” said Mainland head coach Scott Wilson, “and then he brought the cavalry.”

That would be USC head coach Lane Kiffin and his father Monte, who serves as Lane’s top assistant coach.

“Monte is the one,” said Wilson. “He’s amazing — he did a great job with Leonard.”

Did the Kiffin’s not tell the kid to keep fake AK-47 photos off Facebook? Isn’t that like the first rule of business when you commit to USC? Don’t these kids know this won’t play well with the L.A. media? And the bloggers? And the message board guys?

You ever been around the L.A. Coliseum? Good to know Williams is familiar with defending himself.