Oklahoma State’s Big 12 Championship Rings Are Rather HUGE! [PHOTOS]


Get a good look at these 2011 Oklahoma State Big 12 rings because in five years they’ll be for sale on eBay. The players got their rings yesterday and wasted little time tweeting photos of this obnoxious ego candy. Look, we understand you have to reward student-athletes with something they can eventually pawn when their careers are over and they need to pay off a car. But this ‘thing’ is ridiculous. And guess what it reads on the side? 

According to NewsOK.com:

On one side, it says “Believe,” which was the 2011 team’s motto. On the other side, it says “41in4,” which is the Cowboys’ win total in the last four seasons.

How valuable are these rings? Not very. A 2004 Oklahoma State Big 12 Championship ring listed on eBay right now is a $1,100 Buy It Now. Notice how big the 2012 ring is compared to the ’04 version. Based on ring size this is the new Florida State of the 1990s – minus the national championships.

[Rings via @TayMay88 & @JBlatnick]

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