Great TV Moments In Bulging D*ck Bloopers: Levy, McMurry, Trautwig, Gould & More!

Al Trautwig last night became the latest sportscaster to fall victim to the ever humorous “bulging d*ck” blooper while going over Amar’e Stoudemire’s status in last nights Knicks game. Of course the Internet went nuts as it would over the random f-bomb that makes it into a broadcast. But it’s the “bulging d*ck” phenomenon that really gets red-blooded Americans fired up. Just something about a good “bulging d*ck” blooper that makes us men chuckle.

Dan Patrick, on today’s show, was talking about how Steve Levy once fell victim to the “bulging dick” one night on SportsCenter when the host was away one night in the 1990s. This is the first known “bulging d*ck” sportscaster blooper on the Internet.

Have one on VHS from 1987 that you want to upload and send over to us? Do your thing. We’ll add to our list.


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