Brandon Knight Takes Gatorade Bath Last Night Against Wizards [VIDEO]


There were like 1500 people watching the Pistons-Wizards game last night, hence the lack of buzz from Brandon Knight jumping over the Detroit bench and into the Gatorade buckets. The Pistons won a meaningless game, the Wizards draft pick positioning (2nd worst NBA record) gets better and BC lands this video of Knight getting rained on. Everyone is a winner this morning. 

Everyone can relax, Knight stayed in the game and finished 3-of-13 for 8 points.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Brandon Knight has not given up on the 2011-12 season. He’s still willing to sacrifice his body for a lose ball. Why? He has heart? He’s not JaVale McGee? We’ll assume both of those are true. Wait, McGee was recently traded. Can’t keep making fun of that guy.

Climax of Video: Make sure you pause the video to get all the facial expressions from those who paid big money to sit behind the Pistons’ scrubs.

Conclusion: Hope everyone’s iPhones made it out of that mess. Would someone please explain to us why people go to a Pistons-Wizards game on a Monday night in March? This has to be the biggest waste of time in sports. You want to watch John Wall go 6-of-17 from the field? Sit at home, bust open a six-pack and switch between the game and Storage Wars. Now that’s a solid Monday night.

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