Tebow Jockey Billboard Goes Up Outside Lincoln Tunnel In N.J.

If you work for a company like Clear Channel that sells billboard space, you have to be pretty happy when something Tim-Tebow-related happens. Last season, there was the billboard in Denver calling for Broncos coach John Fox to bench starting quarterback Kyle Orton in favor of Tebow.

Ultimately, that happened.

Then, when the Broncos began pursing Peyton Manning, another billboard went up asking fans to vote on who they wanted quarterbacking their beloved team. It didn’t really matter what the fans wanted in this case because Denver chose to sign Manning.

Now Tebow is a New York Jet and of course, he already has a billboard in New York.

This work of advertising art was purchased by Jockey, which Tebow endorses, and proclaims the underwear peddlers support for both Tebow and New York. We think this is probably refers to everyone’s balls and not just the quarterback and the city.

The billboard sits on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel.

Now, the only question is, how long before a billboard pops up asking Jets fans who they’d prefer as their starting quarterback — incumbent Mark Sanchez or Tebow?

We’re sure billboard salesmen can’t wait.
[What the Tebow Billboard Says]