Rob Gronkowski Using The Power Of Zubaz On Thick Thighs [PHOTO]

The final straggler photos from the Gronk South Padre Fiesta came in over the weekend and we’re told by our tipsters that this is the Jizz Blaster doing work on thick thighs at one of South Padre’s establishments. Of course we’ve been taking plenty of sh*t over the last week for our Gronk coverage. Look, there is something very black & white you morons need to realize – we love this guy. Of course he’s a pageview generator. Of course he parties. We love it. Repeat, love it!

Three items of interest from this photo:

• Gronk doesn’t discriminate against power lifters. Crackin’ watermelons with those things.

• Name another NFLer who can get away with wearing the Zubaz into a bar with such flair for the dramatics? You can’t.

• No walking boot. Good news, Patriots fan, your record-breaking TE is healing just fine.

Have anything to add from the Gronk Spring Break Fiesta that we need to know about? Feel free.