NFL Network’s Hammers Sapp, Removes Twitter Account From Total Access

In case you were already at the bar Friday afternoon and didn’t hear, NFL Network dropped the hammer on Warren Sapp for his Twitter snitch comments towards Jeremy Shockey. The network, which claims it is totally autonomous from the NFL, says its executives had words with Sapp regarding breaking news and that he’s not a reporter. But, according to our friends at, there was another punishment that you might not realize.

As you can see above, that is Sapp Friday on NFL Network’s Total Access show. Notice beside his name that his Twitter handle@QBKILLA is missing. Strange, right? As points out, on Thursday, a day after he allegedly outed Shockey, the NFL Network had no issue with pointing viewers towards Warren’s private Twitter account.

According to CBS Sportsline:

In a statement released Friday, NFL Network Senior Vice President of Programming and Production Mark Quenzel said that Sapp had been remind that “he is an analyst and not a reporter for NFL Network. In the future, if he comes across something he thinks is news he will let his producers know and before it is reported or Tweeted, that content will be subject to the same verification procedure that our reporters follow.”

So the punishment in this case seems to be a chat with network executives and losing the privilege to promote a Twitter account where you possibly break federal labor laws and then go on NFL Network and continue attacking Shockey?

Let’s remember that if a player makes a derogatory comment about the NFL, referees, flips off fans, or modifies a jersey there are significant penalties against such actions. The NFL Network can say the only affiliation it has with the league is in name only. However, the public perceives the network to be the mouthpiece of the league. Standards cannot be staggering for one side and not the other.

Guess we’ll just sit back and wait for the lawsuits to drop.

[Warren Sapp Isn’t Gone From NFL Network – But His Twitter Handle Is]