Hockey Player Trent Campbell Steals Taxi In Florida; Grand Theft Auto [Cuff ‘Em]

ECHLer Trent Campbell isn’t your typical loser in Florida ripping off taxis while out drinking with his boys. This guy has 16 goals & 34 assists this season for the South Carolina Stingrays. He’s 29. Only has 39 penalty minutes. How drunk was Campbell early Friday morning? Must have been really, really hammered to steal a taxi.

The Stingrays were in Naples to face for the strange 3-game road trip against the Florida Everblades. The teams played Wednesday, had Thursday off and had games scheduled for Friday night and Saturday. Trent used his off night wisely.

According to a Collier County (Fla.) sheriff’s report, Campbell is accused of third-degree grand theft auto, a felony, after witnesses said the Stingrays winger jumped into an empty taxi cab outside a Naples bar and drove off with the vehicle.

According to the report, Campbell spoke with Checker Cab driver Timothy Davis about getting a ride outside of the Blue Martini bar just after 2 a.m. Friday. Davis told Campbell that he was waiting on another fare and left the car to look for the individual, the report said.

With Davis gone, Campbell got in the taxi and drove off. About an hour later, deputies discovered Campbell walking around in a nearby shopping center and arrested him. The car was also found.

Look, he was obviously hammered and this was a prank. You think a guy with 50 points in the ECHL would really steal a taxi to chop shop it? If there is one thing these cops need to realize about the ECHL it’s that the 29-year-olds are not the enemy. The car was found unharmed and you found the culprit. Charge him 10X the cab fare lost and make him shoot a alcohol awareness video for the city of Naples.

Trent is such a softie that even his only hockey fight on YouTube is punch-less.

Do the right thing, Naples.

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