Confirmed: Don Zimmer Possibly Dating Jaime Edmondson [PHOTOS]

Our sources continue to work their sources, but word on the street at Tampa Rays camp is that short-legged mack daddy Don Zimmer has new arm candy for the 2012 season. Just look at that smile coming from a guy walking around town with Playboy Playmate Jaime Edmondson on his arm. Just flaunting it in the face of all the old coots still married after 61 years. You have to imagine being Don Zimmer is a helluva life. Women just throwing themselves at you.

Seriously, someone get us in touch with Don Zimmer’s people. Want to mark off ‘Get Hammered With Don Zimmer At A Dive Bar” from the bucket list.

Of course we don’t want him bringing the arm candy. You think Zim can possibly sit still when the arm candy just wants to go back to the Zim Den? The worst thing that could happen is that we start chatting about the ’72 season and the emergence of the Big Red Machine only to be cut off by Edmondson wanting to escape back to the Zim Den.

Baseball, Zim. Let’s talk sometime.