Cheerleaders Of The Elite Eight: Syracuse’s Siena [PHOTOS]


Via BC Spirit Editor, Asher:

The Elite Eight is rarified air for most programs, but not Syracuse. This is commonplace for the Orangemen. Luckily for us, they have the sideline talent to make it worth tuning in. While not all of them are lookers, Siena is the kind of girl that increase the average of her squad by a full point all on her own. Let’s be honest, anyone that can pull off the slutty Girl Scout Halloween costume is a keeper in my book.

While she does seem to have a thing for douchey guys (as witnessed by the dude on the boat), I’m sure she’s a great girl that knows how to party on those cold upstate New York nights!

Get To Know Your Elite Eight Cheerleaders: Siena

• Originally from the Los Angeles area

• Really digs British accents!

• Has good taste in music (ex: Best Coast & The Beautiful Girls)

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