Bill Self Informing His Players They’re “Taking A Leak” After Media Interviews [VIDEO]


The Kansas Jayhawks had just wrapped up a 60-57 victory over N.C. State last night so of course the TBS cameras wanted into Bill Self’s lockerroom to get the post-game speech. Congratulations, boys. Blah, blah, blah. Oh, and then Bill reminds certain players that they’ll be “taking a leak” after media. Can’t say we knew college basketball players were subjected to random drug tests. 

You people want to feel part of the sports experience? Here you go.

Posted: Last night by the Awful Announcing guys

Premise of Video: Explained that already. Let’s cut to the chase and just watch the damn video. Alright?

Climax of Video: Bill is pretty pumped up to get his boys to the media and then get them submitting urine samples.

Conclusion: Remember all that fuss created by Yahoo! sports reporters at Syracuse over drug testing? Yeah, these guys are randomly tested. Of course you don’t want to waste a March weekend going over the Syracuse case.

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