Spokane CBS Affiliate Sports Director Tim Lewis Enjoys A Good Lesley Visser Face Joke

Lesley Visser’s face was all the rage last night because people sure as hell didn’t see in during the first weekend of March Madness, right? Folks, her face has been like this since football season. Where have you been? So leave it to Spokane CBS affiliate sports director Tim Lewis to lead the dickish charge last night towards a CBS sideline reporter. If this came from an ABC or NBC sports director it would make sense. But, CBS? Shame on you, Lewis. 

Tim has been part of the KREM-Spokane team since September 2006. He’s a few contracts in. Starting to become quite a CBS guy. Oh, and he’s a hometown guy: “graduated from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at Washington State.”

So, last night on Twitter, Lewis threw down the challenge Rovell-style. Guess Lesley Visser’s age during the Sweet 16 games. Why, Tim? Because she’s been botoxing? The answers started rolling in and Tim could barely contain himself.

Now, as if openly ripping on a woman that works for the mothership isn’t bad enough, this is from 1993, via the NY Times.

A month after she broke her hip in a bizarre jogging accident in Central Park, LESLEY VISSER is recuperating at home, looking forward to a return to her CBS broadcast duties by fall.

It won’t be easy. Visser tripped over buckled pavement and skidded face-first, dislocating her hip and shattering her pelvis. Since then she has had two operations plus plastic surgery on her face and must still remain flat on her back.

Yep, the poor lady has had face issues for almost 20 years and is trying to stay in the game. Nice one, Lewis. Feel better about yourself?

What about you, WBOC? That’s the CBS affiliate serving the Delmarva peninsula.

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