How Much Would It Cost For Lexington Steele To C*ck Slap Pat Robertson? [VIDEO]


Nope, don’t regret that headline one bit. Nope, not afraid of the Bible thumpers headed our way to threaten violence against us. Nope, not afraid of the a**holes who’ll tell us we’re going to Hell. It’s your great leader, Pat Robertson, who went on TV last night and openly rooted for Peyton Manning to get hurt so the Denver Broncos would learn a lesson. What lesson? That you don’t trade God’s son.

Of course this guy deserves to be smacked around by Lexington Steele.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: The 700 Club’s version of SportsCenter, of course, had to tackle the Tebow to Jets news because of the religion angle. Baby Jesus. Going to NYC. The anchor throws it over to Dr. Death for some analyzing. So, Pat, what do you think of one of the worst rated QBs in NFL history being shipped to the Jets?

Climax of Video: So, Pat will be glued to his TV hoping Peyton’s neck is turned into a Mr. Bill bendy toy? So religious of him.

Conclusion: What, he’s not rooting for Peyton to get hurt? That’s what you religious nuts are about to email us. Of course he is. He wants the Devil – the Broncos – to pay for their sins. So feel free to flood the inbox. Only the best hate mail will be published so make them good:

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