Hooters Ball Girl Boots This Easy Grounder During Yankees-Phillies [VIDEO]


Shouldn’t there be a marketing meeting between Hooters and MLB where the sides come together for a campaign to put Hooters girls down the line at all spring training games? Is there a logical reason to watch past the 5th inning of these games. That’s the only reason we’re still watching at 6 p.m. on a Friday night. Totally want to see a Hooters girl diving for a liner. Instead we get this chick booting a grounder. 

Kudos to the Phillies broadcast crew for the commentary here.

Posted: By BC a few minutes ago

Premise of Video: Just another worthless game in March where the regulars aren’t playing. You get AAA guys playing on the MLB Network. Yes, the Hooters girls become the real attraction.

Climax of Video: Get a glove on it! Leather! Play the hop! Get in front of it! Don’t let it play you!

Conclusion: World Series ratings would easily rise 3-4 points if Selig would get off his ass and institute a Hooters policy.

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