Florida ‘Mudjam’ Highlighted By Drunk Couple Fighting Near Strippers, Poles [Cuff ‘Em]


The St. Lucie (Florida) Mudjam bills itself as “500 Acres of Mud & Party.” Cops say this couple got a little intoxicated at last week’s Mudjam and decided to do some work on each others face. As you can see, the wife got a black eye while she ripped her husband’s face with her fingernails. What brought on this spat? Strippers at Mudjam, of course.

So in Florida it’s a big deal to take ATVs, off-road vehicles and other forms of boner-inducing machinery to a mud pit and race or ride. Add in tailgating, camping and all-day drinking and it’s a concoction that leads to this in Florida.

Via Off The Beat blog:

A man at the recent St. Lucie Mudjam said he and his wife “were watching the strippers dance on the buggies with stripper poles attached” when his wife grew upset with him.

Erica Freeman, who had a knot on her eye, said she argued with her spouse “at the stripper poles about wanting to leave,” an affidavit states. She said her husband hit her and she hit him.

Yes, according to the police report, this incident happened in front of their children. Not kidding.

This isn’t Freeman’s first moment of Internet fame. He was arrested in 2010 on animal cruelty charges stemming from an incident where he dragged his own dog 1.2 miles behind his Jeep. Not kidding.

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