Cheerleaders Of The Sweet 16: Xavier’s Ashlee [PHOTOS]


Via BC Spirit Editor, Asher:

I’m nothing if not fair, so after posting Cincinnati cheerleader Ashley yesterday, I felt like I had to recognize crosstown rival (and basket-brawl partner) Xavier. Then I went out and found Xavier’s own Ashlee. That’s how fair I am. Not only do I pander to both fanbases, I do it with cheerleaders that share a name. I don’t like to brag (about other people), but that’s freakin’ impressive.

XU’s Ashlee seems to have a penchant for those bulky sunglasses that have somehow resurfaced from 1983, but we won’t hold that against her. After all, she wears some ridiculous regular glasses too. Thankfully for Ashlee, she has a rockin’ body, sweet dance moves and a party attitude to make all the other stuff float away.

Get To Know Your Sweet Sixteen Dancers: Ashlee

  • Loves to go sky-diving
  • Lives by the motto “When in doubt, booty shake”
  • Won the 2010 Xavier University Dancing With The Stars competition

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