Brewers Fan Front Row Amy Is Back & Selling Her Special Seat! [PHOTOS]


Remember Brewers superfan Front Row Amy, the beautifully well-endowed woman sitting behind home plate that took the Internet by storm during the Brew Crew’s 2011 playoff run? Of course you remember Amy. Dumb question. Anyway, she’s back and wants you to offer you the opportunity to experience as baseball game from her perspective. From her seat at Miller Park.

Amy can’t possibly attend 80 games a year. She has to live life. But this is your huge opportunity to sit in the exact seat that has made Amy an international sensation. Six auctions on eBay remain giving you the chance to buy Amy’s seat. Prices range between $115-135.

What do you get at that price?

• Amy’s seat

• DB 117, Row 1

• Autographed photo of Front Row Amy

• Guaranteed TV time on Fox Sports, MLB or whatever cable outlet is carrying the game


You won’t be sitting next to Front Row Amy. This is her seat. She won’t be there.

[Front Row Amy – Facebook]   [@BrewerGirl823]

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