Sean Payton Confirms Jeremy Shockey Is Not The Saints Snitch [TEXTS]

No need for lie detector tests. No need for any more death threats from Saints fans towards Jeremy Shockey. Whose word would you take when it comes to the Saints Snitch Saga? Sean Payton or Warren Sapp? Looks like we’ve got ourselves a giant pile of balls right in Sapp’s face thanks to a text message exchange Shockey has now revealed between himself and Payton. 

Sapp ran his big fat mouth and now should probably answer who told him Shockey was the snitch. Or did Sapp just make it up out of thin air. Maybe Amani Toomer was blowhard’s source.

Sapp’s response to Payton’s texts?

Guess this should put the Snitch Saga to rest. As for Sapp, let’s remember how he got himself into this mess. Publicly calling someone a snitch and being wrong? Suddenly he’s gone quiet on Twitter about being so damn right.

The big issue in this case was player safety. What if Shockey goes on a field and 90% of NFL defenses think he’s a rat? You think anyone is aiming for his knees this season?