Rick’s Caberet Strippers Offer To Give Tim Tebow His First NYC Lap Dance

Our old friends at Rick’s Cabaret have once again proven they know how to attract NFL free agents to the Big Apple. It just takes some legs, heels, stripper poles and promises to Tim Tebow to give him his first NYC lap dance. Marketing genius Lonnie Hanover sent word early this morning that the ladies had mixed emotions over news that Tebow would be bringing his Bible Big Top with him to Gotham. Can he possibly turn down this offer?

From the Rick’s P.R. team:

The Rick’s Cabaret dancers count many of the New York Jets among their regular customers. “We are not allowed to name any names. We protect everyone’s privacy–that’s why we even have a private elevator to take celebrities and athletes directly up to the VIP third floor of luxury private suites,” explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Beverly, who calls herself a big Jets fan.

We asked some of the lovely ladies for their opinions on Tim Tebow becoming a Jet. The reactions were definitely mixed.

“I’m thrilled for the Jets and want to extend an extra special welcome to Tim Tebow,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Beverly, a busty blonde beauty. “I’ve heard that he doesn’t go to strip clubs, but I will be happy to give him his first lap dance. I promise he will like it. It would be my honor.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Sydney, a statuesque blonde stunner, did not think that Jets ownership made the right move. She proclaimed, “They got him just so they can sell Tebow t-shirts and Tebow merchandise. The Jets need football players not haberdashers.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Trina, a “double d” knockout, said, “A lot of the girls here love the Jets because they are good guys, but I’m over them. The Jets are good at getting headlines, the other New York team wins Super Bowls!”

“Tebow is cute, I like him,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alex, a buxom brunette. “But Mark Sanchez is sexier,” she added.

Never knew Sydney could use haberdasher in a sentence. See, these ladies are smarter than you think. One minute they’re asking you whether you want a lap dance, the next they’re pulling words straight out of their g-strings. Amazing place. Never been? Nicest strip club people in the business.

Your move, Tebow. Make sure you ask for Beverly. Sounds like a nice southern girl to settle into the VIP area with. And, Tebow, make sure you ask for Lonnie. Tell him to put a vodka tonic on our tab.

Cheers, brother.

[Rick’s NYC]

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